Staying strong and healthy shouldn’t be a hassle. Our story is all about “working out” a better way. We know that people today need a fitness solution that is:


Exercise, in-and-of-itself, isn't the ultimate goal. It’s all about unlocking your body’s innate ability to change, adapt, regenerate…improve.


Doesn’t it just make sense to workout the minimum amount of time it takes to get maximum results?


What if a really smart workout could be strong enough for a healthy athlete and safe enough for people with touchy backs, knees, and shoulders?


It’s the 21st Century. Insight generated from meaningful data has transformed our lives in many arenas. Exercise should be no different.

“Our Passion is Maximizing Personal Fitness Success”.

Even the exercise enthusiast is looking for a better way.  They want a next-level workout.  And, one that makes sense of Exercise Science.  That’s what our founder was searching for while studying kinesiology.  He began to find the right answers in 1997.  In 2000, Brian Cygan and his wife, and Co-Founder Gerianne, started The Exercise Coach to share these life-changing fitness principles he had discovered.


For the next 10 years Brian and Gerianne went on a journey of innovation that led to the development of the world’s smartest exercise methodologies and technologies.


Now, The Exercise Coach is spreading strength and health across the country through 40 Studios with more on the way. Would you like to achieve the results that matter most to you? Explore the convenience, customization, and connected technologies of a studio near you. We would love for you to join our cause and community of intelligent exercisers. The first step is to experience the “light bulb” moment that thousands of others have during a FREE introductory experience. Take action today and change the course of your future!

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