Customized Workouts at The Exercise Coach

Customized Vs. Cookie-Cutter

We have learned that our customers place a high value on the certainty that their workouts will be precisely appropriate for them as an individual. They want their effort to count and to deliver a return. They see exercise as a means to the end result of looking, feeling, and functioning better.
We enjoy being able to “dial in” a customer’s workout so that it’s just challenging enough to spark great results and sustained motivation.
Quantified Resistance Training at The Exercise Coach

Quantified Resistance Training that is ability-based

It’s been said that what is measured improves.  Our method has been scientifically designed to measure what matters. This includes highly accurate muscle testing that forms the basis of personalized exercise prescriptions. Our data-rich exercise ecosystem provides actionable feedback in real-time for motivational guidance.

Better Personal Training at The Exercise Coach

Better than Personal Training.

Whether you are looking for healthier bones or bigger biceps, our information-enabled coaches blaze a perfectly personalized path for you to reach your goals. Our world-leading training technologies power workouts that are strong enough for elite athletes and smart enough for the not-yet-so-fit. In the 21st Century, we think it’s about time for a workout that adapts to the exerciser every second of each workout.

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