Core Training at The Exercise Coach

The Core Issue

The muscles at the center of the human structure are vital to healthy living and activity. Research tells us that as many as 80% of us will experience an event that disrupts our lives due to a strain in this area. And, for as much information about core training as there is, conventional exercises have their limitations.
The Exerbotics Nucleus at The Exercise Coach

Patent-Pending Breakthrough

We utilize a sophisticated approach to core conditioning that is available only at The Exercise Coach. Our patent-pending technology, known as The Exerbotics Nucleus, is the first exercise machine ever to accommodate the complex biomechanics of the spine.
Powerful Results after Personal Training Sessions at The Exercise Coach

Powerful Results

Strengthening exercises that are effectively targeted at the muscles which support the spine can be life changing. For example, our clients often see strength gains of 80% or more in their lower back muscles and this leads to the stability, comfort, and movement confidence they need for maximum enjoyment of life.

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